Monday, January 31, 2011

ABR Wood Fire Sauna

This review comes from early January 2011. The Sauna was upgraded somewhat in the off season including taking out the window and adding insulation. This is a traditional wood fired multi bench sauna with a changing room. The Sauna is an outbuilding and the wood is added from inside the sauna room itself. The Sauna also contains a shower. The proprietors do a good job of having loofahs and other amenities including scents for the sauna. While not being on a lake the Sauna has very good snow rolling being in the UP with almost daily powder. The Sauna was up to about 200f which is about the perfect temp for being able to take a long but very enjoyable Sauna. This Sauna has the look and feel of a classic and partaking after putting in 30k is always a treat. This Sauna receives the Has Heat-Will Repeat rating. On all past partakings the sauna was also up too snuf with good heat.

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