Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cobblestone Cabins Lake Superior circa 2005

This historic review comes from ~2005 which was the last time the review crew stayed at this resort over the summer. The sauna is a wood fired entity with the wood being loaded from the inside. The review crew included Mr. Mogren who is now on a world adventure and could not be reached for comment on the Sauna but whose actions at the juncture suggested a favorable response. The Sauna is approximately 20 vertical feet above the shore of Lake Superior and has steps going down to the "cobblestone" beach. The proprietors have stashed about 30 pair of old trainers in the steaming room that you can use to run down to the beach and dunk in the Big Lake. The Sauna has always been hot, and while being very old and somewhat rickety inside is always a pleasure to partake in. Because of the setting this Sauna is simply one of the tops in the world, very very hot sauna coupled with very very cold plunging any time of the year. The view out the old window onto the lake and outcrops of rhyolite is also stunning. This is what Sauna is all about pure and simple.

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