Thursday, December 29, 2011

244 to 250

WOW The title in F says it all from the 2 thermometers at the post ski ABR sauna.. Thanks to the proprietor for a "proper" stoke for our group!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tops and Bottoms US

Dont get too excited over the title:

Tops: Cobblestone Cabins, Maplelag, ABR

Many others form the acceptable body

Bottoms: Second Street Sauna Marquette, Radisson Roseville, Holiday Inn Bloomington (they removed it!!!)


Reviewed on Friday and Saturday December 9-10. The first day had temps in the 190f range and was a good sauna, the second day averaged 222f and was seen at the upper 220's during the session and meets the excellent criterion. (good will boil beer, excellent will boil your hydration pack). The sauna is old with various revisions as necessary during the years. A year or two ago the window was removed and replaced with tongue and groove (need the amo accent here) and has a shower inside (watch the metal handle! to the shower). The sauna is usually stoked well by the proprietors and has never been below 180f. This sauna has a nice old school feel and good heat and presents the opportunity for the snow roll. Definitley in the top 5 overall. Simple and effective with high heat and old school feel.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Radison Hotel Roseville

This Sauna is a standard electric unit with two benches both of which fall under the category of "wives". There is clearly room for an upper bench in the sauna but one does not exist. That being said with filling the water bucket and using it the sauna had reasonable heat. However the staff at the Radisson was not as attentive as the Hilton Marquette in keeping the water loaded for the user. Sauna reached approx 70-75c and would be rated as "moderate". Not worth the trip but worth using if you make the trip for a different purpose.