Monday, May 2, 2011

Hilton Downtown Minneapolis 1011 Marquette

Reviewed on 4-29-11

This Sauna is a standard electric unit with two benches but larger than most seating perhaps 20. On the first night the Sauna had a full rather large bucket of water left by staff. The second Sauna on 4-30 had the remnants of the water level from the night before so the staff is not necessarily super attentive to the water.

Temperature is estimated from the experienced review staff at approximately 70c. The sauna was adequate but not exemplary. With using 2/3 of the large bucket the reviewer was heated properly but would not have been without the water. The Sauna also contained screws that were not fully depressed causing issues when first placing back or legs. Further the double bench did not extend next to the heater so to "trow" on the water one had to physically get up, or sit on the wives bench which is not proper.

All in all acceptable but only average in terms of style, heat and character. I thank the staff for the water but would encourage them to "turn up the heat" and depress the screws further.

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